Hardscape Design and Installation

Hardscaping refers to the building or construction of anything in the landscape that is not living. At Autumn Landscape Co. we design and build some of the most incredible retaining walls, walkways, stairs, water features, and even entire outdoor living spaces. Hardscape construction should not only be a way to fix a structural problem, it should enhance the beauty of your landscape while providing functionality.


One of the best ways to provide entertainment for family and guests is through the construction of an outdoor living space. We specialize in creating some of the most awe-inspiring outdoor living areas. Imagine your family or friends gathered around a fire pit on a cool Fall night. Imagine entertaining a group of friends or family with your new barbecue area. We combine beauty with function in every design we create. Whether a small project or a large renovation we have a team of trained landscape architects ready to create your dream outdoor living space.